Best Place To Buy Sex Toys

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You will find that whenever you are in the market for some new sex toys that it may be difficult knowing where to buy them. This is something that can be a lot of fun to shop for as long as you have a good selection and prices that are not too over the top. Just make sure to consider each purchase so that you do not later regret the purchase.

Passion Parties

If you want to get some new sex toys, then you will find that the best way to do this is to throw a passion party. You will have a consultant come to your house and show you some of what they sell. They will also go over everything in the booklet. You can invite all of your friends and actually end up getting free gifts in the process.

Sex Toy Shops

Every state has them, these shops are where people will go to get gag gifts or party favors for bachelor or bachelorette parties. These shops will provide you with a large selection of sex toys for anybody. They will have dildos that are battery operated and ones that are not, cock rings as well as sex swings and stripper poles.

Other Options

Of course, going online is a great way for you to be able to find plenty of sex toys that may not be available to you with passion parties or nearby sex toy shops. You will also find that some channels have home shopping shows that are dedicated solely to sex toys.

Sex Lubrication Tips

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Sex lubrication tips are something that every couple should be informed of. You will find that lubrication during sex can make it a lot more enjoyable for both parties. Whether you need some help getting started or if you simply enjoy the extra sensations that lubrication can provide, you will be able to find this and so much more with the right lubrication tips.

How Much

So many people try to use far too much lubrication whenever they are having sex. It can be easy to get lost in the moment and end up using half of the bottle the first time you get it out but you will find that you really don’t need that much. Your bottle of lube will last a lot longer and you will spend a lot less time washing it off if you start off slow.

Where To Put It

Many people are unsure where the best place for the lube is. Usually, everywhere is a good answer but if she is needing a little bit of help down there getting ready, then the guy should apply some directly to his penis. This will help him to glide in more comfortably and easily for her.

What Kind

Your best bet is to get small bottles of several different kinds. Some people prefer lube that has a scent while others prefer the kind that has no odor. You need to make sure that the type that you have does not irritate the skin of you or your partner as this can ruin any night.

Where To Buy Kinky Outfits

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You will find that whenever you are looking to buy kinky outfits that you are going to have a lot of options. It is a good idea for you to know what your measurements are before you begin shopping for these because these are not typically the types of outfits you can easily try on in the store or return later on.

Lingerie Stores

Depending on how kinky you want the outfit to be, you may be able to find some outfits at a few lingerie stores. Fredericks of Hollywood will be able to provide you with a large selection of fun and sexy outfits that will definitely get the attention of your partner.

Sex Shops

There are plenty of shops in every state that have shops that sell sex toys, adult DVDs and of course kinky outfits. You will be able to find panties, bras, outfits and even shoes to go along with it all in these stores. Most of these stores actually have a pretty large selection when it comes to kinky outfits for men and women of all sizes.


Going on the internet and shopping online is always a great place for you to be able to get a lot of selection with your kinky outfits. You will more than likely be able to find exactly what you are looking for without ever having to leave your house. This is something that will make it a lot easier when it comes to measuring for the right size.

Magazine Swinger Adverts

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Magazine swinger adverts are all the rage. You will be able to find these magazines all over in swinger’s clubs and at sex shops and even online. These magazines are meant just for swingers made by swingers. You can guarantee that these magazines can provide you with all of the information that you will need regarding the swinger’s world.


The adverts that you will come across in a swinger’s magazine can really help you to find fellow swingers and meet new people. Whether you are posting or looking you will be guaranteed to be able to find people that you will be able to have a good time with. Many people prefer to find most of the swingers that the find through magazine adverts.


Whenever you are posting an advert in a swinger’s magazine, make sure that you are clear about what you want and what you expect. If you prefer just straight swinger sex, then make sure that you are clear about this, however, if you prefer gay or bisexual swinger’s meets, let the people know.


Know what it is that you are looking for in these swinger adverts in the magazines. They will help you to be able to find new people. If you are looking to try new things, then the best way for you to do this is to look through the magazines and find the people that are already experienced in what it is that you want to learn and try.

What Is The Best Lubrication During Sex?

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You will find that it is a good idea for you to know what the best lubrication to use during sex is. This is something that a lot of people struggle with and do not know a lot about. There are a lot of different options when it comes to lubrication, making the right decision about it is crucial to you and your partner’s enjoyment.

Water Based

Water based lubrication is typically the most popular type of lubrication to use. You will find that it not only is safe to use with a condom but it is also a lot easier to wash off. You will not run the risk of an infection as much as you do whenever you use lubrication that is silicone based. You will also find that lubrication can stain your sheets, water based lubrication does not have this problem.

Test It out

It is always a good idea for you to test out several different types of lubrication to make sure that you find one that you both like. What you will need to keep in mind that both petroleum and oil based lubes may cause a latex condom to deteriorate. This can cause the condom to become ineffective during sex and could end up causing pregnancy or an STD.


If a woman is prone to getting yeast infections, then she should make sure that she goes with a lube that is water based and that it does not contain any glycerin. Whenever a lube has glycerin, it can end up actually feeding yeast.

Reading Advice From Real Swingers

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When it comes to reading advice from real swingers you will find that this is a great way for you to learn new and interesting things about the swinger life. This is something that a lot of swingers like to do to help them to learn and get the questions that they are too embarrassed to ask answered. Just make sure that you are able to know what good advice is and what is bad.


If you are looking to read some reviews about swingers clubs, then the best way to do this is to go online. Going online you will be able to find reviews posted by real swingers and about their experiences on these sites. This is something that can help you to know whether or not these clubs are going to be worth your time.


Swinger’s magazines can be found in sex shops, clubs and online. These are great ways for you to stay up to date on what all of the swingers are doing and also be able to meet new people. These magazines will also have adverts in the back where you can get in touch with new swingers.


Believe it or not, there are a lot of books that are dedicated solely to swingers. These are great because they can give you advice on whatever it is that you are wondering about. These books are written by experienced swingers that are there to teach you what there is to know about it.

Swinging Heaven Magazine Review

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Swinging Heaven Magazine is a monthly publication created by the Swinging Heaven website. It’s a relatively new magazine, but one of the few that caters specifically to the swinging community. The cost is very low, around £3.85, and can be picked up in many sex shops or ordered by direct subscription.

Discreet Shipping

For those who choose the direct subscription option, you don’t have to worry about your postman or neighbors seeing what you have ordered. All magazines are shipped in a large envelope that can’t be seen through, and there is no branding on the envelope.

Club Reviews

One of the biggest benefits to ordering this magazine is for the club reviews. Each month actual swingers who also happen to be staff of the magazine will write a handful of reviews on different clubs. This can help you to compare the clubs in your area and decide on which one is best for you.

DVD Reviews

The magazine also features comprehensive book and DVD reviews. This can be great for hardcore swingers who want to be able to enjoy decent videos, since so many may carry the term ‘swinger’ and really aren’t.

Real Stories

Many swingers also enjoy being able to read through real stories. Swingers Heaven Magazine features real life swinging stories from actual readers. You can submit your own story and will be notified if it’s chosen for publication. This is a great way to find real stories without weeding through thousands of posts on forums or looking through hundreds of blogs.

Where To Find Swinger Magazines

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There are a few different places that you will be able to find swinger magazines. Many people do not even realize that these magazines exist. You will find that they can be great tools for you to understand all that there is to know about the world of swinging.


Usually, if you go online and search for swinger magazines you will be able to find a lot of sites that can provide to you magazines that you can purchase one time or get a subscription for. This is something that a lot of people like to do because they will be able to get a lot more to choose from when it comes to selection.

Swinger’s Clubs

With most swingers clubs you will have the ability to become a member. This is something that a lot of people prefer to do because of all of the benefits that go along with being a member. You will be able to not only get to participate in their weekly parties; you will also be able to get subscriptions to the most popular swinger’s magazines.

Sex Shops

If you know where to look you will be able to find a few sex shops that can provide to you swinger’s magazines. If you do not see any around the sex shop that you are at then you can ask the employees there if they have them behind the counter. You may also want to ask them if they know of another shop that may sell them.

How To Plan A Weekend Orgy

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Whenever you are looking to plan a weekend orgy, you will find that this can be something that is overwhelming at first. You want to make sure that everybody has a good time and that you all have everything you need. There are a few different things that you can do to make sure that your weekend orgy is fun for everybody.

Stock Up

It is a good idea for you to make sure that you have plenty of condoms and lubrication for this weekend. You don’t want to run out of either one of these. Depending on the size of the orgy, you may need more than a few boxes of condoms. Remember, when you run out of condoms, this means that the party is either over or somebody is going to have to make a condom run. You may even ask your guests to bring their own condoms in addition to what you supply.

Be Prepared

It is a really good idea to have a few extra changes of sheets for the beds. You will find that these sheets are going to more than likely get soiled before the weekend is over. Being able to change them without worrying about laundry can help to keep the party going.


You will find that a weekend orgy can be something that can make people hungry and thirsty. In addition to having plenty of wine and sexy foods like fruit and chocolate you may also want to have plenty of water and more filling foods as well.